No. SS – Stainless Steel Grommets

Stainless Plain Rim Grommets and Washers – No. SS

Made from high grade stainless steel. Packed and sold in one gross boxes. Variety of sizes that go from 3/16″ hole diameter up to 9/16″.

For best results in setting these stainless steel grommets and washers use an Osborne No. 500 hole punch and an Osborne No. 215 setting die with corresponding sizes.

Size No.Diameter of hole
when set (in)
Outside diameter (in)Length under flange (in)Weight per gross
(lbs) (oz)
003/160.4600.135- 272880
01/40.5460.175- 572882
19/320.7000.185- 872884
23/80.8350.215- 1272886
37/160.9550.2951 272888
41/21.0620.3741 872890