No. W-1 – Arbor Hand Press

Grommet Setters

Arbor Hand Press – Osborne No. W-1

Our arbor press sets plain and spur grommets and washers sizes 00 to 15. It also puts together standard snaps or babe snaps.
Dies are sold separately. Reinforced frame and handle. Must be bolted to a table for stability. Comes with a nylon block for cutting holes. 22”
height. Minimum throat 1” and maximum 2”. Some replacement parts are also available.

W-1Arbor press75000
W-1 SPRINGTop spring for W-1 Press75002
W-1HHandle for W-1 Press75008
W-1PPin for W-1 Press75012
W-1PLPlate for W-1 Press75014
W-1PLHVinyl sleeve for W-175017
W-1WNylon block75004