No. 915P – Flexible & Rigid Packing Tool Set

Flexible Packing Tool Set – Osborne
No. 915P

15 pieces set. Helpful in retrieving stubborn packing from tight openings. Properly shaped and hardened for easy use.

Contains flexible packing hooks, replaceable tips and shaft extractors packed in a heavy duty plastic box for storage.

Components are listed below:

Description Pieces eachUPC
1104F-1Flexible packing hook w/replaceable tip Sz# 1258300
1104F-2Flexible packing hook w/replaceable tip Sz# 2258302
1104F-3Flexible packing hook w/replaceable tip Sz# 3258304
1104-1CCorkscrew tip size 1158305
1104-2CCorkscrew tip size 2158308
1104-3CCorkscrew tip size 3158309
1104-1WSTWood screw tip size 1158362
1104-2WSTWood screw tip size 2158364
1104-3WSTWood screw tip size 3158366
MT34-SShaft extractor - Small158424
MT34-MShaft extractor - Medium158425
MT34-LShaft extractor - Large158428
1204 CASE-LPlastic storage box158394
Set UPC No. 08364
Set Weight: 3 lb.