No. 909P – Flexible & Rigid Packing Set

Flexible & Rigid Packing Tool Set – Osborne
No. 909P

9 pieces set. Helpful in retrieving stubborn packing from tight openings. Properly shaped and hardened for easy use.

Contains flexible and rigid packing tools packed in a heavy duty plastic box for storage.

Components are listed below:

Description Pieces eachUPC
1104F-1Flexible packing hook w/ replaceable tip Sz# 1258300
1104F-2Flexible packing hook w/ replaceable tip Sz# 2258302
1104-1cCorkscrew tip size 1158305
1104-2CCorkscrew tip size 2158307
MT34-SShaft Extractor - Small158424
MT34-MShaft Extractor - Medium158425
MT34-LShaft Extractor - Large158428
1204 CASE-LPlastic storage box158394
Set UPC No. 08362
Set Weight: 1 lb. 8 oz.