Pliers with Opening Spring – No. 1440

Hog Ring Plier
With Vinyl Handles –
No. 1440

3 styles. Forged steel. Proper deep grooves. Jaws and handles are aligned. Straight vinyl handles with OPENING SPRING. Packed on a display cardboard. Use with Osborne hog rings No 1442 and No 1443. Specify preference.

1440-AStrait Handles 6 3/4" long
1440-BHandles bent at 135 degree angle to jaw
1440-CHandles bent to reach difficult spots
(Jaws and Handles are aligned)

Osborne No.Spring typeOverall length
1440-AOOpen Spring6 3/454134
1440-BOOpen Spring6 3/454140
1440-COOpen Spring6 3/454146

Replacement Springs

1440-SCReplacement opening Spring54152